The Wonderful World of Photography.


A unique online photographic course crafted by International photographers.

Whether you are new to photography, a veritable expert or just a lover of good photos, this course has been designed for photographers of all abilities.

19 interactive modules to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, on vacation, or anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

You will be guided through the maze of photographic jargon and introduced to a whole new world of photographic techniques, tips and advice on how to take superb photographs.

Each individual module helps you understand how to improve your technique and enjoy your photography, either as a hobby or a career. Every module has a quiz section so you can see how your knowledge is building.

Online results are instant and when you complete each module you move swiftly onto the next. There is no limit to the time you can take to complete all 19 modules and you will have access to your own online tutor to help guide you through.

On successful completion of your course our experts will award a certificate of excellence. There are three pass levels, a pass, a pass with credit and the top diploma a pass with distinction. The certificate carries the prestigious International accreditation from the IAO

You will be able to access the course at any time and have lifetime membership, so you can always refresh your knowledge.

We hope you enjoy the course and your creative and technical skills are significantly enhanced.

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Our on-line iPhotocourse is awarded International Accreditation

Screen shots from the On-Line course

 The 19 modules cover the following:

Module 1. Cameras, Film, Digital, care for your equipment.
Module 2. Lenses, Camera Filters, Printers, Flashguns and Accs.
Module 3. ISO, White balance, Aperture, Shutter speeds, Exposure.
Module 4. Focussing, Metering, File Formats.
Module 5. Storage and Archiving.
Module 6. Camera Settings and Styles.
Module 7. Composition.
Module 8. Natural Light.
Module 9. Artificial Light.
Module 10. Photography on Holiday
Module 11. Portraits.
Module 12. Landscapes.
Module 13. Macro, Texture, Abstract.
Module 14. Black & White.
Module 15. Making Photography Pay.

Module 16. Photoshop Level 1

Module 17. Photoshop Level 2.

Module 18. Photoshop Level 3

Module 19. Practical Assignments


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